Say good-bye to chips , smudges & dry time and say hello to Shellac Hybrid Nail Colour. This revolutionary product applies like a polish, wears flawlessly for up to 14 days of high gloss shine & is removed in minutes. Unlike traditional polish, it cures/dries under a UV lamp.

Shellac Fingers - £20.00*

*Includes cuticle work, file & polish.

Shellac Toes - £15.00*

*Includes cuticle work, file & polish.

Both Fingers & Toes - £30.00*

Soak off (without Reapplication) - £10.00

Soak off is free if having Shellac reapplied.

Minx Logo

Minx nails are a new and exciting professional-only nail covering . They are the ULTIMATE fashion accessory, a long-lasting alternative to traditional nail polish and current favourite of Beyonce, Rihanna and many more. Different, dramatic and daring, the worlds latest fashion for nails.......

Available in a huge range of colours and patterns, ranging from striking mirror like metallics to bold bright stripes, you're bound to find the perfect Minx for you!

No drying time
No chips or smudging
No chemicals - better for you and the environment

Durable and long-lasting - up to 6 weeks on toes!!

Quick to change - choose a different design for every outfit! Instant nail makeover Stand out from the crowd.

Minx Toes - £20

Includes Cuticle Work, Nail Shaping & Minx Application.

If you love bling and glitter, whether it be subtle or totally outrageous you'll absolutely LOVE these! They are the ultimate eye-catching treatment for your toes and hands. Rockstar nails are applied using Shellac and blending glitter of your choice. Unlike glitter nail polish, this adds an amazing depth and sparkle and you can uniquely blend any combination of colours giving you an unlimited choice.

Rockstar Fingers or Toes - £22.00

Includes cuticle work, file - & application.

Both Fingers - & Toes £35.00

Calgel is a proven nail strengther, durable & hard wearing nail treatment which is applied as an overlay onto natural nails to strengthen & condition them. It sets instantly under a UV curing lamp to give strong, flexible, glossy finish nails which lasts up to 3 weeks.

Finger or Toes - £22.00*

Includes Cuticle Work, File & Polish with Calgel.

Both Fingers & Toes - £35.00*

Soak off (without Reapplication) - £10.00

Soak off & Reapplication of Calgel - £27.00*

* French £2.00 Extra

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